A Manager for Dr Klown

Description of the tasks

The Manager will be involved in all aspects of the organisation, assisted by the Coordinator, the Support Team, the Operations Officer and the Development Officer, each in their specific areas of responsibility.


S/he will be responsible for areas such as, but not limited to:

  • Development of strategy and policies, preparation of the Annual General Meeting and Annual Report to the Commissioner of Voluntary Services, updates of the Dr Klown Manual of Procedures
  • Contacts with sponsors, individual benefactors, government entities, schools, hospital management (MDH and Gozo General Hospital), Malta Council for Voluntary Services, etc.
  • Administration: Accounts, reports, fund applications, general correspondence, etc.
  • PR, Marketing and Fund raising: Events, representation of the association at official occasions, speeches, meetings, leaflets, flyers, brochures, banners, website, Facebook page etc.
  • Logistics: Purchasing, props, Dressing Room cabin, storage etc.
  • The Creative and Human Resources aspects of the organisation will remain the responsibilities of the President respectively the Vice-President.


The task requires an average of around 20 hours a week, weekdays and weekends, with occasional meetings during the evening hours, but vary in intensity during the year.



This rare bird would be a volunteer, most probably a recently retired person with management experience. Remuneration would consist of an interesting activity, respect from inside and outside the association, a lot of interesting contacts and the prospect of growing with the organisation.


Selection criteria for a Manager

This is our full wish list! It’s very unlikely we’ll find anyone who matches all criteria, but the closer we get, the better. Some criteria are ESSENTIAL, must-haves (marked in red in the list below), other criteria are nice to have.

Selection Criteria:


  • Familiar with all aspects of running a business: Admin, accounting, marketing (fund raising specifically), human resources, legal aspects.
  • Good Maltese and English, spoken and written
  • Knowing the laws governing NGO’s is a plus



  • Leadership, in a participative style
  • Presentation skills and a flair for representing the NGO at all levels, a warm hearted charismatic speaker, able to enthuse people
  • Skills in giving positive feedback as well as constructive criticism
  • Organising skills
  • Being organized in his/her own work
  • Able to communicate and create rapport with people of all walks of life
  • Constructive negotiation skills
  • A good pen, a flair for words
  • Fair user skills of office software (Word, Excel, Outlook) and social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Feeling for style, presentation of content in a professional way



  • Common Sense
  • Maturity, loads of life experience
  • Living the values of Dr Klown, especially: Respect for all, free of discriminating feelings, love for the unfortunate, professionalism.
  • A passion for client satisfaction, both the child-patients and our sponsors/donateurs
  • A passion for achieving goals, get results
  • Decisive and effective
  • Empathetic, but just and strict
  • An eye for the long term, extremely hesitant to create precedents or make exceptions
  • Positive but not naïve


All criteria marked in red are definite requirements in order to be considered for the task. The selection process will consist of interviews with Committee Members and a psychological evaluation, estimated to take place in April – June 2019. If this position is what you are looking for and you fulfil all must-have criteria, we’re eager to receive your Application Form, attached; send it to [email protected] and we’ll contact you.

Click HERE to get your application, fill in and send to the President of Dr Klown.