Are you a tough but tender person?

What does it take to be a clown doctor?

  • A mature Personality, fun loving, with empathy to understand the hardships of life and able to deal with strong emotions
  • Available at least two half days a month in late afternoons and weekends, for a minimum of five years
  • Committed to give priority to regularly visit hospital, participate in training and events over personal, family or social activities.
  • Talent for improvisation, joyful play acting, dancing and singing, being silly and comical, music, mime, humor, magic…


We are looking for reliable team players, who stick to agreed schedules and hospital rules, stay focused on their buddy clown and the sick child and are open to peers for constructive feedback.


The following criteria are must-haves:

  • A poised, stable and mature personality
  • An urge to clown and entertain children
  • Verbally fluent, in both Maltese and English
  • Familiar with the use of e-mail and Facebook
  • Willing to work as a volunteer
  • Aged between 25 and 65
  • Able to submit a police conduct


Other requirements:

  • A creative mind
  • An infectious laugh
  • An optimistic character
  • Taking volunteer work seriously, a real commitment, like a job
  • Regularly available during weekdays from 5:00 pm (latest) and weekends (mornings or afternoons)
  • At least Higher Secondary Education
  • Good health, no allergies, not prone to infections
  • Easy transport to Mater Dei Hospital



If you fulfil ALL must-have criteria and most of the other requirements, you are very welcome to send your Application Form (click here) before 15 March 2019 to Christine Sleypen, [email protected]


Applicants who fit the profile will be invited to an Information session before entering a thorough selection process with interviews and psychological tests. The initial training programme takes a full year (twice a month, Saturday mornings and weekday evenings). All applications will be treated with strict confidence.