The Gollcher Charity Walk 2019 – In aid of Dr. Klown

The Gollcher Group is organising an event in aid of Dr. Klown Malta. Dr. Klown is a Maltese Registered NGO set up in 2010. They are active at Mater Dei Hospital and the General Hospital in Gozo.

Join us for the 6th Edition of the Gollcher Charity Walk on the 1st May 2019 from Tigullio in St. Julians to the Black Pearl in Ta’ Xbiex. Registration commences at 8.15am near Tigullio. The walk starts at 9.00am. Step by Step we can make a difference.

The event is open to all. Feel free to invite your family & friends and share this event!

Dr Klown Day

To celebrate its 6th year in Malta, Dr KIown are organising a fun-filled ‘’Dr Klown Day’’ with the aim of increasing public awareness about our organisation. Over the past 6 years, Klown Doctors has visited over 10,000 children, bringing them relief from pain, stress and boredom in local hospital wards. This year we would like to invite all children in the primary school age group to join Dr Klown, in a Parade on the St Julians – Sliema promenade.

This event will consist of an informal parade of children dressed as clowns (accessories or coloured clothing are enough – no need for a full costume), while they are accompanied by a parent/carer. Fun is definitely guaranteed, as children will have the opportunity to meet the Klown doctors, Disney characters, clowns, and also get their hands on figure balloons while dancing to the parade music!
Participants will show their solidarity with sick children through placards, banners and drawings, which they can prepare at home with adult help.
The event is also supported by:

  • H.E. The President of Malta,
  • The Commissioner of Children,
  • Ms Mac Namara – Director General for Education and Employment,
  • Rev. Dr Charles Mallia – Delegate for Catholic Education,
  • HSBC Malta Foundation,
  • The Farsons Foundation,
  • Scouts Group San Giljan,
  • San Giljan Local Council

Andre Schembri’ & Apollon FC supporting Dr Klown!

More than 700 clowns at Mellieha Primary School

May 9, Mellieha primary School celebrated Clown Day. All students and staff came to school wearing colourful clown costumes. There were over 700 clowns at school.
Says Ms Cordina: “The main aim was to help lift the spirits and boost the morale of our students who not always have an easy life. We also managed to raise more awareness about Dr Klown, the clown doctors who visit children in hospital to ease away the pain children feel while in hospital.

It is important to instil the value of helping those in need from a very young age. Life is not always easy, but it is always beautiful. It depends on how you look at things. Life is what you make it and it can be as colourful as you want to.”
We thank the school for their continued support!

Patch Adams Conference

A group of 8 Dr Klown volunteers visited a 2-day workshop followed by a Conference by Dr Hunter “Patch” Adams in Genova, well known from the film “Patch” in which he was impersonated by the late Robin Williams. The workshop was attended by 140 clown doctors, mainly from Italy, whilst the Conference attracted a public of 880 people, clown doctors as well as medical doctors, nurses, volunteers.

It was a revealing experience for all of us, and we thank the MCCF for supporting us to make it possible for our delegation to attend such once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

We also met with other Clown Doctor NGO’s with whom we plan to keep contact to exchange ideas and good practices.

Clown Skills Seminar a success

The clown skills training seminar for the Klown Doctors, held 4 and 5 February, under the leadership of Mr John Wright, Artistic Director, London, taught us new skills and deepened our insight in what it means to be a Clown. We are already introducing these new techniques during our visits to the children’s wards in MDH.
2017 Seminar JW group exercise 2

Annual Report for the year ending 31 December 2016

If you’re interested what the achievements and challenges of Dr Klown were in 2016, read the Report below.
Feedback welcome.

Teambuilding Event

All Dr Klown volunteers gathered to discuss possibilities to improve the services delivered to children in hospital and ways to enhance co-operation and the smooth running of the Association. Many ideas were brought forward that will be implemented over the coming year.

20161203-teambuilding-2 20161203-teambuilding-1

Chris Mamo’s Marathons Project 20-20-20

We can finally, and proudly, an nounce that the Project 20-20-20 has finally reached completion and that 20 beds have been installed in the paediatric wards that will benefit a number of parents of hospitalised children by giving them better sleeping
conditions whilst caring for their children.

During the inauguration of the beds at Mater Dei Hospital, Dr Klown President, Maurice Sleypen, said: “We went to see the beds installed in the rooms and found most of them in use already. Not just during the night, because most parents sleep
according to the rhythm of their child. The many mothers we spoke to were very happy with the comfort of the beds as opposed to the chairs which caused neck pain and backaches.”

On the other hand, Chris Mamo, the person behind the project, stated that “It’s so gratifying to hear how very welcome those beds are with the parents who have to stay long nights in their child’s room. It has definitely been worth all the sacrifices and pain. I would do it all over again!”

The Project was a collaboration between Chris Mamo, a Maltese/English personal trainer who previously served 12 years with Her Majesty’s British Forces, and Dr.Klown, an NGO active in Mater Dei Hospital (Malta), that provides hospitalised children distraction and stress relief through fun and laughter. Dr Klown and Chris Mamo joined forces in a project to provide the parents of hospitalised children with a comfortable foldable night-bed in the sick child’s room instead of sleeping upright in a seat all night and waking up with neck pain and backaches. Chris Mamo ran 20 consecutive marathons of over 42km from the 19th of March, with the support of Dr. Klown and their troupe of volunteers.

18 beds were installed at Mater Dei Hospital, while another 2 beds have been installed at the Gozo General Hospital. Dr Klown will be extending its services to Gozo as from September 2016. A call for new clown doctors resident in Gozo has been made, and anyone interested in joining Dr Klown should express their interest by applying at