Clown Skills Seminar a success

The clown skills training seminar for the Klown Doctors, held 4 and 5 February, under the leadership of Mr John Wright, Artistic Director, London, taught us new skills and deepened our insight in what it means to be a Clown. We are already introducing these new techniques during our visits to the children’s wards in MDH.
2017 Seminar JW group exercise 2

Annual Report for the year ending 31 December 2016

If you’re interested what the achievements and challenges of Dr Klown were in 2016, read the Report below.
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Teambuilding Event

All Dr Klown volunteers gathered to discuss possibilities to improve the services delivered to children in hospital and ways to enhance co-operation and the smooth running of the Association. Many ideas were brought forward that will be implemented over the coming year.

20161203-teambuilding-2 20161203-teambuilding-1

Chris Mamo’s Marathons Project 20-20-20

We can finally, and proudly, an nounce that the Project 20-20-20 has finally reached completion and that 20 beds have been installed in the paediatric wards that will benefit a number of parents of hospitalised children by giving them better sleeping
conditions whilst caring for their children.

During the inauguration of the beds at Mater Dei Hospital, Dr Klown President, Maurice Sleypen, said: “We went to see the beds installed in the rooms and found most of them in use already. Not just during the night, because most parents sleep
according to the rhythm of their child. The many mothers we spoke to were very happy with the comfort of the beds as opposed to the chairs which caused neck pain and backaches.”

On the other hand, Chris Mamo, the person behind the project, stated that “It’s so gratifying to hear how very welcome those beds are with the parents who have to stay long nights in their child’s room. It has definitely been worth all the sacrifices and pain. I would do it all over again!”

The Project was a collaboration between Chris Mamo, a Maltese/English personal trainer who previously served 12 years with Her Majesty’s British Forces, and Dr.Klown, an NGO active in Mater Dei Hospital (Malta), that provides hospitalised children distraction and stress relief through fun and laughter. Dr Klown and Chris Mamo joined forces in a project to provide the parents of hospitalised children with a comfortable foldable night-bed in the sick child’s room instead of sleeping upright in a seat all night and waking up with neck pain and backaches. Chris Mamo ran 20 consecutive marathons of over 42km from the 19th of March, with the support of Dr. Klown and their troupe of volunteers.

18 beds were installed at Mater Dei Hospital, while another 2 beds have been installed at the Gozo General Hospital. Dr Klown will be extending its services to Gozo as from September 2016. A call for new clown doctors resident in Gozo has been made, and anyone interested in joining Dr Klown should express their interest by applying at

Specialised Clown Doctor training

The troupe of Klown Doctors has increased to reach 26 in November 2015 after an initial training programme in artistic skills and basic hospital clowning competences for the new recruits. The programme was led by Ms Laurence Quetel, a seasoned clown trainer and herself a hospital clown working with the Cliniclowns in The Netherlands and Belgium.

The next step in the continuous improvement of our services is a live in seminar on 23-24 April 2016, when we will focus on Clown Logic, Working in diads / triads and develop short sketches to become ever more proficient as  Klown Doctors.

There will be concurrent sessions with 2 trainers, Ms Laurence Quetel and Mr Sean Buhagiar, because our troupe has grown too big (26 Klowns) to train properly as one group.

Both programmes of November 2015 and April 2016 are to a great extent made possible by funds of the Malta Community Chest Fund.


Malta Community Chest Fund

First Call  –  Social Projects Projects part-financed by Malta Community Chest Fund Co-financing rate: 90% MCCF funds. 10% Beneficiary’s funds

First Call – Social Projects
Projects part-financed by Malta Community Chest Fund
Co-financing rate: 90% MCCF funds. 10% Beneficiary’s funds

Successful completion of Development programme

A programme to enhance the hospital clown skills of the Klown Doctors who visit hospitalised children in Mater Dei every week, was successfully concluded.

The programme started in March 2015 with a live in training session spanning over 2 days (Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March) and was followed by Peer session meetings to integrate the newly acquired competences in their regular visits. The programme was funded by the Small Initiatives Support from the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.



Klown Doctors discovered during their latest seminar that there’s quite a difference between Klown Logic and Common Sense!

Project 20-20-20 a great success!

20 Marathons in 20 consecutive days for 20 beds was the challenge that Chris Mamo took upon himself and successfully brought to an end under enthusiastic applause by the Klown Doctors on April 7.

This was a joint project between the Dr Klown team and Chris Mamo, who was supported by Jonathan Azzopardi (Springbox Media) for the marketing of this campaign and friends and family for support and logistics. Where needed – and towards the end of the challenge this meant every day! – the staff of MDH Physiotherapy Department helped Chris get ready to endure another day of pain.

Chris was encouraged every day by volunteers of Dr Klown at start and finish and was regularly accompanied by other runners for part of the route, especially by the Lady Runners Club.

The goal of providing 20 beds for the parents who need to stay overnight in the room of their child in hospital has been achieved! Even better: Dr Klown and Chris are now figuring out how best to invest the extra donations received in line with the original goal of beds for parents of hospitalised children.

More Common Sense

The sequel to the successful book Common Sense, written by dott. Edward Curmi, was launched by H.E. the President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca at the Palace in Valletta on April 6.

During the ceremony, Dr Anthony Grech compared common sense with scientific research and highlighted the differences and similarities between  both.

Ms Francesca Balzan pointed out the value added by illustrations to the message of a book and particularly the intelligence and beauty of the works by artist Marisa Attard that illustrate More Common Sense, which were exhibited in the Palace Dining Room for the evening.

Her Excellency drew attention to the need for common sense in society, especially in these confusing times. She also praised the NGO Dr Klown for it’s relentless endeavour to relieve pain and suffering of hospitalised children and their parents.

The proceeds of Dott. Curmi’s book as well as of the sale of the framed illustrations by Marisa Attard are in support of Dr Klown NGO.

The book is available at all Agenda outlets.

The illustrations / paintings of Marisa Attard are for sale through the artist. Contact Marisa for viewing on

CMS Ed Marisa

VOCA in Concert

Voca Choir is a group of fun-loving, professionally-minded singers and musicians, who share a love for song. Since its inception, Voca Choir have made it their primary mission to not be just any “choir”, but a choir with a difference. Today, Voca Choir’s repertoire ranges from spiritual and worship music, to folk, musicals and also contemporary pop, although Voca Choir’s distinguishing forte is Gospel music.

This makes them one of the top Maltese Gospel Choirs performing both locally and overseas. This year, Voca Choir have joined forces with MSV Life to organise a funpacked musical concert on Friday 29th April 2016, at Santa Monica School Theatre, Fleur-de-lys, B’Kara in aid of Dr Klown. Voca Choir will be performing a mix of musical styles from its vast repertoire, namely pop songs and gospel music as well as some classical pieces – including covers from Prince of Egypt, Celine Dion, Cold play and many more. Join us for this musical evening by booking tickets on

MSV Life Voca Choir in Concert – Press Pack 2016

More Common Sense

The second book of Dott. Edward Curmi, entitled MORE COMMON SENSE, will be launched at San Anton Palace the 6th of April by H.E. the President. The book’s illustrations are by Ms Marisa Attard and these will be exhibited during the book launch. All proceeds of the book and a major part of the sales of the framed original illustrations will go towards the NGO Dr Klown, thanks to the generosity of both the author and the artist.
The book, containing lots of practical psychological advice, will be for sale at all Agenda Bookshops and directly from Dr Klown at