Project 20-20-20 a great success!

20 Marathons in 20 consecutive days for 20 beds was the challenge that Chris Mamo took upon himself and successfully brought to an end under enthusiastic applause by the Klown Doctors on April 7.

This was a joint project between the Dr Klown team and Chris Mamo, who was supported by Jonathan Azzopardi (Springbox Media) for the marketing of this campaign and friends and family for support and logistics. Where needed – and towards the end of the challenge this meant every day! – the staff of MDH Physiotherapy Department helped Chris get ready to endure another day of pain.

Chris was encouraged every day by volunteers of Dr Klown at start and finish and was regularly accompanied by other runners for part of the route, especially by the Lady Runners Club.

The goal of providing 20 beds for the parents who need to stay overnight in the room of their child in hospital has been achieved! Even better: Dr Klown and Chris are now figuring out how best to invest the extra donations received in line with the original goal of beds for parents of hospitalised children.