Dr Klown – Annual Report 2015

In 2015 Dr Klown progressed on all major fronts. The efforts of the previous year 2014 to increase awareness paid off in the number of volunteers who effectively joined the Association, the support of the general public as well as from groups, clubs and companies, the attention we got in the media. It was a successful year. One concern remains: to find a proper way to plan our services in such a way that we can fulfil our major goal, to visit Every Child, Every Week with our volunteers, most of whom have a full time job. We only missed a few weeks, but we regret every one of them.

The major goal for 2016 is the strengthening of the bond between the volunteers through further professional development and team building activities.

Download: Dr Klown Annual Report Dec 2015

New Website!

If you are enjoying these pages, it is due to the splendid work of the web-designers and developers at M7Alpha Creative Studios, who devoted their time and expertise to donate a new website to Dr Klown. A beautiful Christmas gift that is highly appreciated.

A BIG thank you!


If you haven’t yet watched the music video made by our volunteers to thank all who support us with happy Christmas wishes, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING! Almost 75,000 people reached and 25,000 views. Follow this link and join in to feel GOOOOOOD:


Don’t forget to hit the HD button for best quality!

The Klown Troupe is expanding!

In December 11 new Klown Doctors were awarded their Certificate after a whole year of intensive training in artistic skills and specialised hospital clown skills. We congratulate and welcome them in our troupe: Dr Big, Dr Bling, Dr Brushes, Dr Do-Re-Mi, Dr Freckles, Dr Gerfex, Dr Heidi, Dr Pixie, Dr Tick Tock, Dr What? and Dr Wiggle. Here’s a picture at the end of their Hospital Clowning weekend seminar:

They will continue their training on-the-job in the wards under the guidance of our experienced Klown Doctors, until they feel comfortable and got “the knack of it”.


Many private and Company groups supported Dr Klown by participating in the NoseOn! campaign, launched by Dr Klown early 2015. Have a look at our facebook page to see their funny pictures. Says Angelica X.: “We had a lot of fun discussing how we would picture our group with the red noses on! It was just hilarious!”
Here’s a picture of a group of MaltaPost, who packed, labeled and delivered our noses all around Malta and Gozo, with their NoseOn!

The campaign is still on – if you want to join in???

Key rings

After the success of the special Dr Klown key chain last year, Playmobil employees created a girl friend for our boy-clown and produced a limited edition of cute girl clowns, which is in high demand!